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The Legend of Steve Zacharanda

Steve Zacharanda is a Brummie hard news hack who also specialises in travel writing and whatever nonsense is bouncing around his brain.

Despite spending over a decade exposing hypocrites and uncovering wrongdoing in the West Midlands he is best known for a drunken video on the night of Obama's election victory in 2008 when he told his then employers The Birmingham Mail to shove their job where the sun don't shine.

His book Obama and Me - The Incredible True Story of a YouTube Sensation took nearly four years to finish and is now being hailed as one of the funniest books ever written about being on the campaign trail.

Jolly Demon Productions is now filming a documentary entitled Obama and Me: The Steve Zacharanda Story which will detail how the journalist lost everything after becoming a YouTube Sensation only to rebuild his career and reputation.

Zacharanda also founded Goggle-eye magazine which only edition is still spoken of with awe in Birmingham, the second edition never materialised after a meeting with the head of sales ended up in a five day bender and all the advertising revenue spent.

In recent years Steve has become a travel scribe of note and has visited all four corners of the globe enjoying every minute and bringing a Brummie slant to a genre that was in danger of getting stale.

Steve also proudly writes for the Sabotage Times about everything from football to Bruce Springsteen and is happy to hold forth about any subject in a pub if given the chance.
He is redefining bad taste by hosting The Steve Zacharanda Radio Show with racial barrier breaking journalist Gurdip Thandi on www.scratchradio.co.uk every Thursday at 8pm.
A permanently penniless professional daydreamer who would sell his soul for a Strongbow Steve will write about anything and everything if he can concentrate long enough to finish it.
This should be the year Steve Zacharanda finally makes it big, but then one slip of the tongue and he could fall from grace again just as easily.

The You Tube Videos

Here they are, the videos that made me a YouTube sensation!