Obama and Me

The Incredible True Story of a YouTube Sensation is finally here!

The book is the hilarious account of how a penniless Brummie journalist left all his responsibilities at home and went to volunteer for Barack Obama. Living on his wits Steve Zacharanda fought the good fight in Miami whilst getting into countless scrapes. Steve was catapulted to brief infamy when he became an International YouTube Sensation after his foul mouthed video captured the imagination of a world celebrating Obama's victory.

As well as documenting one of the most important elections of all time the book is a fascinating exploration into what it is like being in the middle of a media storm and how quickly one pissed up idiot can go from talking rubbish one minute to being reported in The Times, Guardian, Syndey Morning Herald, New York Times, Washington Post, Dutch, German, Sri-Lankan, Indian and Russian publications and appearing on Good Morning America, Fox News, Sky News and BBC News amongst others.

He was derided for humiliating British journalism by some, but lauded as a legend by others.
This painfully honest book about life on the campaign trial, his brief flirtation with stardom and then losing it all is now being hailed as one of the funniest ever written about politics.

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Which Format?

"This is the funniest book anyone will read about politics - Zacharanda is the closest thing we now have to Hunter S. Thompson"

Ellie Piovesana
New magazine
"Raw, unflinchingly honest, soulful and pathetically tragic, this might well be the funniest book I've ever read."
"An hilarious, spirited, bargain-basement Gonzo romp and a joyous, romantic, quixotic funeral hymn to the kind of good old-fashioned drunken gross journalistic misconduct that can never be completely defeated."
"I laughed so hard and so often reading Obama and Me that Guinness spurted out of my nose, which was worrying because I was drinking Scrumpy Jack that morning"

Jamie Rowland
commentator and scriptwriter

The You Tube Videos

Here they are, the videos that made me a YouTube sensation!